VAVALASH Eyelashes lasting reinforcement agent 10ml / .34 fl oz


Keeps false eyelashes from falling off

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Mild formula, no stimulation. Make false eyelashes not easy to fall off.
Designed for eyelash extension, best care of vulnerable eyelashes.
Make false eyelashes sustainable and durable, keeping up to 5 weeks after using eyelash raincoat.
Spiral brush head, make your eyelashes curly and attractive.
Suitable to use in the morning or evening, apply the eyelash raincoat to the grafted false eyelashes


Product name:Eyelash raincoat
Material:High polymer waterproofing resin
Color: Clear
Capacity: 10ml
Package include:
1Pc x Fake Lashes Protective Coating Sealant
Please use eyelash raincoat after the eyelash grafting glue is dry.


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