Supre WATERMELON WOW Tanning Maximizer 235ml / 8 fl oz


Watermelon Wow is a powerful dark tan maximizer that helps boost the tanning process for a deep, rich golden tan while mouthwatering Watermelon Extracts provide sweet skin renewing hydration.

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  • Skin renewing Watermelon Extract provides delicious moisture that leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.
  • Skin conditioners including Vitamins A,C, E and Aloe nourish skin for a more radiant healthy looking glow.
  • Clolorburst Complex helps provide deep golden color.
  • Does not contain a bronzer or DHA

What is it that gives you that wow factor? It’s not your clothes. It’s not your makeup. It’s certainly not your handbag or your shoes. Your ability to wow comes from the health and natural beauty of your skin and your inner beauty that you confidently allow to shine through. Supre Tan Watermelon Wow Dark Tanning Maximizer is a formula designed to help you up your wow factor with a gorgeous tan while caring for your skin to keep it as healthy as possible. The tan maximizer promotes dark tanning results by increasing the amount of melanin that your skin produces while you’re in the tanning bed.

Supre Tan Watermelon Wow Dark Tanning Maximizer is specially formulated with nutrients to help your skin stay gorgeous with every tanning session. Moisturizers fight the effects of dehydration and decrease the chances of your skin pealing. Watermelon extract gives the formula a luscious fragrance while treating the tissue to a cocktail of nourishing vitamins.


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