Peepers Tanning Goggles


Suntan/Sunbed Goggles: Block the UV not your personality!!! Peepers eyewear is uniquely designed to protect the eyes from ultraviolet light Before using ,carefully try on the eyewear to ensure proper fit. Directions:Place eyewear over your eyes before tanning session .Keep eyewear in place until tanning session is completed. You will recieve one pair of goggles from the color choices listed in the picture,if a particular color is needed please email to insure it is available,otherwise a choice will be chosen and shipped to you.

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Key Ingredients & Benefits

-Ergonomically designed to fit the exact shape of the eyes, eliminating tan lines during UV exposure
-Utilizes quality lens material found in outdoor sunglasses, which allows tanners to make adjustments in the bed without having to remove their goggles
-Come equipped with an adjustable string for a secure, comfortable fit
-Modern-looking, stylish appeal that protects eyes from the potentially harmful effects of UV exposure
-Forward-thinking globe design delivers a customized fit and prevents tan lines from developing on the bridge of the nose and face