Goomee Markless Hair Loop


Goomee Markless Hair Loop is not just another hair tie. It’s an innovative hair loop that has been specially designed to secure your hair with a strong grip without leaving a mark on your hair or causing “ponytail” headaches.

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Designed from a synthetic resin, each Goomee hair tie is water resistant and ensures a high level of hygiene as it will not absorb dirt or bacteria. No more bobby pins, no more hair breakage….just effortless styling!

When you wrap this unique hair tie around your hair, it places pressure unevenly around your ponytail.  Other hair rings place pressure evenly around your hair, which creates a visible mark in your hair.  Goomee holds your hair firmly but isn’t too tight.  By using uneven pressure, Goomee gives each strand of hair more space than standard hair bands would, and it creates a much better look.