DESIGN.ME PUFF ME Dry Texturizing Spray 200g / 7 oz


Life isn’t perfect but your hair is about to be! Puff.ME Dry Texturizing Spray provides stunning carefree volume and lived-in texture, invisible to the naked eye. Perfectly creates brushable body and refreshes style, with just the right amount of hold.

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A match made in hair heaven: natural zeolite and silica. Perfect to absorb the needed amount of oils to give you the texture you have been dreaming about. Plus, you guessed it, with its oil absorbing properties Puff.ME Dry Texturizing Spray helps prolong and hold your bombshell look for a day or two longer. What more can you ask for?


Instant body, fullness and refresher with just a few sprays
Creates flirty texture
Offers the perfect hold and grip
Light hold
Ideal to prep braids and updos to provide foundational grip
UV protection
For all hair types, texture, or color


Spray throughout your hair, focusing on your roots and midsection. Lightly spray your ends for a more defined texture. Work through with fingers or brush for a more tousled voluminous look.